H 264 Dvr Software Download Mac

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H. 2. 64 Standalone DVR Software Downloads for remote access. Remote Access software and videos for your DVRSo you purchased a generic Standalone DVR, but didnt come with software There are many standalone DVRs on the market, coming from just a few major manufacturers generally in China. Often when you purchase a DVR, it may not come with the software and instructions needed to help you get the DVR online. Our Standalone DVR remote access software and instructions will work for many other brand DVRs, simply compare your menu screens with the menu screens shown below. If your screens match, then this software will most likely work for you. We cannot guarantee operation with any specific makesmodels of DVRs because there may be some variations in the internal software. DVRs This software was designed to work with our former DVR models DVR 7. DVR 8. 8xx. RT model H. Standalone DVRs, however many people have been able to use this same software with many other brand DVRs. Included Software DVRCMS  Software for installation on a Windows PC allows viewing of multiple DVRs simultaneously. DVRPlayer Software for Mac that allows connection to a single DVR at a time. Website Templates Html5 With Css3 Jquery Ajax on this page. Scaffold Drawing Software here. Phone software Also included are download links for i. Phone and Android software for connection to these same DVRs. The Android software is able to connect to multiple DVRs at the same time. Video Tutorials and walkthroughs Our own narrated videos showing setup, plugin, installation, and remote access of our standalone DVRs. DVR Type 1 our model DVR 8. RT If your DVR menu matches this one, then this software will most likely work for you to permit remote connection to your DVR. We have also included walk through videos to help you setup the remote access on compatible DVRs. DVR Type 2 our model DVR 7. If your DVR menu is similar to this one, then this software will most likely work for you to permit remote viewing of your DVR. There are also walkthrough videos for this style of DVR, to help you get your DVR setup quickly and online in a flash. NOTE We can in no way guarantee operation of this software with any specific standalone DVR, while it was designed for our own DVR 7. DVR 7. 00. 8, DVR 7. DVR 8. 80. 4RT, DVR 8. RT and DVR 8. 81. RT model h. 2. 64 standalone DVRs, many of our customers have been able to use this same software on their H. Standalone DVRs that were purchased from other generic vendors with no software or instructions. Once software has been purchased, it cannot be returned for any reason. DVR Remote Viewer DVRviewer. DVR Remote Viewer is an application used for connecting to security camera. The software can be used to every business you have. View and Download UNIMO Technology H. Real Time DVR full manual online. H. 264 Real Time DVR DVR pdf manual download. Part No. Description 4 Channel HRGX41 4Channel, 1 TB HDD, 120ips 4 CIF, H. H DVR 8 Channel HRGX81 8Channel, 1 TB HDD, 240 ips 4 CIF, H.