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You have not yet voted on this site If you have already visited the site, please help us classify the good from the bad by voting on this site. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. That was one hell of an episode of Game of Thrones. So much fire. And even more ice Lets try to wrap our heads around everything that happenedif youve. Losing a pet feels terrible. Youre sad, scared, and desperateyoud do anything to get your furry friend back. And that makes you the perfect target for a scam. Write MASH and list your categories Life partner, number of kids, job, salary, car, and where you live. List four or five options for each category, with your friend. Table Studying Thingy. Comp. TIA A 2. 20 9. Torrentz will always love you. Farewell. 20032016 Torrentz. Motherboard Form Factors. Form FactorSizeMetric Size. ATX1. 2 x 9. 63. Micro ATX9. 6 x 9. Mini ITX6. 7 x 6. Nano ITX4. 7 x 4. Pico ITX3. 9 x 2. Mobile ITX2. 4 x 2. PGA ZIF. answer PGA. Intel Sockets. SocketTypePinsYearSupported CPUs. Socket TLGA7. 752. Pentium 4, Core 2. Socket BLGA1. 36. Core i. 7 Nehalem. Socket H H1LGA1. Core i. 357 Nehalem. Socket H2LGA1. 15. SandyIvy Bridge. Socket H3LGA1. Ultimate Maps Er Serial Number' title='Ultimate Maps Er Serial Number' />Haswell, Broadwell. Socket RLGA2. 01. SandyIvy BridgeHaswell EEP. LGA. answer PGA. AMD Sockets. SocketTypePinsYearSupported CPUs. AM3PGA ZIF9. 412. Athlon II Phenom II. AM3PGA ZIF9. 422. Athlon II Phenom II. FM1PGA ZIF9. 052. AMD 1. 0h. FM2Micro PGA ZIF9. Piledriver. FM2PGA ZIF9. Steamroller. RAM Types. TypePinsNotchesVoltage. SDR DIMM1. 6823. DDR DIMM1. 8412. DDR2 DIMM2. 4011. DDR3 DIMM2. 4011. DDR SO DIMM2. 0012. DDR2 SO DIMM2. 0411. DDR3 SO DIMM2. 0411. DDR Micro DIMM1. DDR2 Micro DIMM2. DDR3 Micro DIMM2. RAM StandardModule. StandardModule. 2. Hard Disk Latencies. Rotational Speed RPMAverage Latency. Serial. answer Serial. Serial. answer Serial. PCI. SpecificationBus TypeSpeedThroughput. PCIParallel3. 3 MHz, 6. MHz1. 33. MBs, 2. MBs. 6. 4 bit PCIParallel3. MHz, 6. 6MHz2. 66 MBs, 5. MBs. PCI X 1. 0Parallel6. MHz, 1. 33 MHz5. MBs, 1. 06. 6 MBs. PCI X 2. 0Parallel2. MHz, 5. 33 MHz2. MBs, 4. 26. 6 MBs. Parallel. answer Parallel. Parallel. answer Parallel. PCIe. SpecificationBus Typex. Throughputx. 4 Throughputx. Throughputx. 16 Throughput. PCIe 1. xSerial2. MBs 1 GBs 2 GBs 4 GBs. PCIe 2. xSerial5. MBs 2 GBs 4 GBs 8 GBs. PCIe 3. 0Serial9. MBs 3. 9. 38 GBs 7. GBs 1. 5. 7. 54 GBs. PCIe 4. 0Serial1. GBs 7. 8. 77 GBs 1. GBs 3. 1. 5. 08 GBs. V, 1. 2V. answer 6. V. answer 5. V. answer 1. Power Connectors. ConnectorUsagePinsVoltages. MolexCase fans, IDE hard drives, optical drives45. V, 1. 2V. SATASerial ATA hard drives and optical drives1. V, 5 V, 1. 2V. PCIePCI Express video cards6, 81. V. short. Interface SpeedsDistances. InterfaceAKASpeedMax DistanceOther Info. USB 1. 0Low Speed1. Mbs3 meters1. 27 max ports. USB 1. 1Full Speed1. Mbs5 meters. USB 2. Mbs5 meters. USB 3. Super. Speed5 Gbs3 meters. IEEE 1. 39. 4aFire. Wire 4. 004. 00 Mbs4. IEEE 1. 39. 4a OpticalFire. Wire 4. 004. 00 Mbs7. IEEE 1. 39. 4bFire. Wire 8. 008. 00 Mbs4. IEEE 1. 39. 4b OpticalFire. Wire 8. 008. 00 Mbs1. Thunderbolt v. 12. Gbits3 meters1. Gbits per channel. Thunderbolt v. 22. Gbits3 meters. Thunderbolt v. Gbits3 meters. Thunderbolt v. Optical2. 0 Gbits6. Gbits per channel. Thunderbolt v. 2 Optical2. Gbits6. 0 meters. Thunderbolt v. 3 Optical4. Gbits6. 0 meters. Ir. DAInfrared4 Mbs1 meterRequires line of sight. VGAVideo Graphics Array1. Analog only. DVIDigital Visual InterfaceNAAnalog or Digital. SATA 1. 01. 5 Gbs1 meter. SATA 2. 03. 0 Gbs1 meter. SATA 3. 06. 0 Gbs1 meter. SATA 1. 01. 5 Gbs2 meters. SATA 2. 03. 0 Gbs2 meters. SATA 3. 06. 0 Gbs2 meters. LCD TNIPS Characteristics. CharacteristicTNIPS. CostLessMore. Color accuracyLessMore. Reaction to touchMoreLess. Viewing angleNarrowWide. Power requiredLessMore. Optical Disc Capacities. FormatCapacity. CD SS includes recordable versions6. MB, 7. 00. MB, 8. MB, 9. 00. MB. DVD RRW SS, SL4. GB. DVDRRW SS, SL4. GB. DVD R, DVDR DS, SL9. GB. DVD R SS, DL8. GB. DVDR SS, DL8. GB. DVDR DS, DL1. GB. BD RRE SS, SL2. GB. BD RRE SS, DL5. GB. BD RRE DS, DL1. GB. SS single sided DS double sided SL single layer DL dual layer. RAID. RAIDTypeMinimum Disk CountFailure Condition. RAID 0Striping2Any drive failure breaks the array. RAID 1Mirroring2All but one drive can be lost. RAID 5Striping Parity3Only one drive can be lost. RAID 1. 0Striping Mirroring4Can lose all but one from each set of mirrors. OSI Layers. LayerNameDescription. ApplicationResponsible for providing network services like file services, print services, and messaging services not applications like word processing or spreadsheets, as the layers name might lead you to believe. PresentationResponsible for the presentation of data for example, the transition of character sets e. ASCII to EBCDIC. SessionResponsible for establishing and maintaining a communications session. TransportResponsible for providing reliable end to end communications, including most of the error control and flow. NetworkResponsible for providing logical network addressing. Some error and flow control is performed at this level. Data LinkResponsible for logical topology and logical MAC addressing. Individual network card addresses also function at this level. PhysicalResponsible for placing the network data on the wire, by changing binary data into electrical pulses on the physical medium. The physical topology is defined at this level. Subnet Masks. Dot DecimalCIDRBinary. CSMACD. answer CSMACD. CSMACD. answer CSMACD. CSMACD. answer MIMO. MIMO. answer MU MIMO. MU MIMO. Wi Fi Standards. StandardFrequencyMaximum theoretical throughput per streamMaximum allowable streamsMaximum theoretical throughput totalApproximate outdoor rangeCSMAMIMO. GHz5. 4 Mbits15. Mbits1. 20 metersCSMACANone. GHz1. 1 Mbits11. Mbits1. 40 metersCSMACANone. GHz5. 4 Mbits15. Naruto Shippuden Episode 5 English Dubbed Skype on this page. Mbits1. 40 metersCSMACANone. GHz andor 2. 4 GHz1. Mbits46. 00 Mbits2. CSMACAMIMO. 8. 02. GHz8. 66. 7 Mbits86,9. Mbits2. 50 metersCSMACAMU MIMO. BASE T. answer 1. BASE TX. answer 1. BASE T. answer 1. GBASE T. Ethernet Cable Categories. Cable CategoryEthernet StandardMaximum Distance. Category 31. 0BASE T1. Category 51. 00. BASE TX, 1. 00. 0BASE T1. Category 5e1. 00. BASE TX, 1. 00. 0BASE T1. Category 61. 0GBASE T3. Category 6a1. 0GBASE T1. Category 7 shielded1. GBASE T1. 00 meters. Common Network Protocols. ProtocolPortNameDescription. DHCPudp6. 7, udp6. Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolAutomate the IP address configuration process. DNStcp5. 3, udp5. Domain Name SystemConvert domain names to IP addresses. LDAPtcp3. 89, udp3. Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolDirectory service protocol. SNMPudp1. 61Simple Network Management ProtocolGather metrics and manage network devices. SMBtcp4. 45Server Message Block Windows file transfers and printer sharing. SSHtcp2. 2Secure ShellEncrypted remote console login. AFPtcp5. 48Apple Filing ProtocolMac OS file transfers. SLPtcp4. 27, udp4. Service Location ProtocolFind Mac OS services by name. Common Network Ports. ProtocolPort. FTPtcp2. SSHtcp2. 2. Telnettcp2. SMTPtcp2. 5. DNStcp5. HTTPtcp8. 0. POP3tcp1. IMAP4tcp1. 43. HTTPStcp4. RDPtcp3. 38. 9. Net. BIOS NSudp1. Net. BIOS DSudp1. Net. BIOS SStcp1. SLPtcp4. SMBtcp4. 45. AFPtcp5. Common Network Port Details. ProtocolPortNameDescription. FTPtcp2. 0, tcp2. File Transfer ProtocolSends and receives files between systems. SSHtcp2. 2Secure ShellEncrypted console access. Telnettcp2. 3Telecommunication NetworkInsecure console access. SMTPtcp2. 5Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolTransfer email between mail servers. DNStcp5. 3, udp5. Domain Name SystemConvert domain names to IP addresses. HTTPtcp8. 0Hypertext Transfer ProtocolWeb server communication. POP3tcp1. 10Post Oce Protocol v. Receive email into a email client. IMAP4tcp1. 43Internet Message Access Protocol v. A newer email client protocol. HTTPStcp4. 43Hypertext Transfer Protocol SecureWeb server communication with encryption. RDPtcp3. 38. 9Remote Desktop ProtocolGraphical display of remote devices. Net. BIOS NSudp1. Net. BIOS name serviceRegister, remove, and find Windows services by name. Net. BIOS DSudp1. Net. BIOS datagram serviceWindows connection less data transfer. Net. BIOS SStcp1. Scammers Are Targeting People With Lost Pets. Losing a pet feels terrible. Youre sad, scared, and desperateyoud do anything to get your furry friend back. And that makes you the perfect target for a scam artist. Losing a dog or a cat is like losing a member of the family, and thats scary. Youll worry, youll Read more Read. According to the Better Business Bureau, scammers have been trying to take advantage of owners of lost pets recently. It works like this You post about in your lost pet in publiceither online, on a poster, or bothand list your contact information in case anyone finds them. Soon, you get a text message from someone claiming to have found your pet. But when you ask them to describe it or send you a picture, they say they cant, making excuses about being out of town or not having a smartphone. Then, they pressure you for money, a gift card, or some kind of reward in order to return your pet. Dont fall for it Youre probably desperate to try anything that will ensure your pets safety, but they dont have your cat or dog. If you give them money, youll never hear from them again. If youve ever had a cat escape and run away from home, you know how upsetting it can be. AsideRead more Read. The BBB offers a few helpful suggestions you can follow to avoid these scams, however. First, limit how much information you share when you post about your lost pet. Dont share info on your pets unique physical attributes, for example. That way, when someone says they have your pet, you can ask them about it and verify they actually have it. Second, ask the callertexter for their number so can call them back. They might be using a spoofed phone number. Lastly, always ask them to send you a photo if possible. If they can send you a photo of your pet that doesnt look like the one you posted, you know its real.