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How to Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S4 All ModelsThe Galaxy S4 is the current flagship device from the Korean manufacturer Samsung. It was officially announced at the Samsung Unpacked event in New York on March 1. April. The S4 is being seen as the most powerful contender for the best smartphone of 2. Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' title='Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' />Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or GreaterHTC One. If you already have the Galaxy S4 and wish to avail the latest software update for your phone, you can do it in a number of ways. By keeping your phones firmware up to date, you can enjoy many advantages as with each new firmware version Samsung introduces a fix to the bugs found in the previous version and new features as well. Sometimes, new updates bring OS upgrade and thus lots of new improvements and enhancements. Samsung Galaxy S4 Models. The international variant GT I9. Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa octa core system on a chip So. C chip containing the first ARM big. LITTLE heterogeneous architecture central processing unit CPU. The Galaxy S4 variants for North America, most of Europe, LTE models and other countries has Qualcomms Snapdragon 6. Flash_Folder.png' alt='Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' title='Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' />Version 5. Released on 30 October 2017. Windows 10 Creators Fall Update is now supported. Made improvements to ForceFolder including adding support for Open. Turnitin creates tools for K12 and higher education that improve writing and prevent plagiarism. Turnitins formative feedback and originality checking services. Install Stock Firmware on Galaxy S4. No, its unlocked. In the phone menu I cant take it off LTE, and I would like to change to a firmware that would allow. Download Adobe Flash Player 22 Offline Installer,Download the latest Flash Player Offline Installer Standalone for xp windows 7, 8, 10, vista, 32 bit, 64 bit. Complete plays any Authorware 7 application. AOL not formally supported 4 Full plays any Authorware application, created with Authorware version 7. A%2F%2Ffarm4.static.flickr.com%2F3130%2F2542623625_ceccecbd03.jpg&hash=bd8754fe9086a09ec935d6d2cf3f32b6' alt='Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' title='Flash Version Must Be 10.0 Or Greater' />So. C containing a quad core 1. GHz Krait 3. 00 CPU and an Adreno 3. GPU. With the help of the present tutorial, you can update the firmware of any variant of the Galaxy S4, given the fact that the firmware for that model is available for download. Galaxy S4 International GT I9. Exynos. 5 OctaChina Unicom Galaxy S4 GT I9. Galaxy S4 International LTE GT I9. Qualcomm SnapdragonAT T Galaxy S4 SGH I3. Qualcomm SnapdragonCanadian Galaxy S4 SGH I3. M Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin OthersT Mobile USA Galaxy S4 SGH M9. Qualcomm SnapdragonVerizon Galaxy S4 SCH I5. Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH L7. Qualcomm SnapdragonU. S. Cellular Galaxy S4 SCH R9. Qualcomm SnapdragonAlso Read How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S4 GT I9. GT I9. 50. 5Updating Galaxy S4 Firmware via OTAAs I mentioned above, you can update your Galaxy S4s in more than one ways. The most preferred and safest method among users to get the latest update on their Android. If you have a good data or Wi. Fi connection Over the Air update is the best way to avail new software. Here are 2 ways you can receive the OTA firmware update. Both the ways require a working internet connection on your computer or Galaxy S4. Using Kies Download and install the latest Samsung Kies on your computer. Launch it and connect your device to computer using USB cable. Kies will automatically show the current firmware version on your device and notify you if a new update is available. On Device Update You can also update the firmware of your Galaxy S4 without taking the aid of a computer. To get latest  software update notification on your phone, make sure you are signed in to your Samsung Account. To check the availability of the latest firmware for your device, open phone Settings More tab About and then tap on Software update option. If an update is available, just follow the on screen prompts and youll have the latest version of firmware on your Galaxy S4. Update Galaxy S4 Firmware Manually. Personally, I do not like the OTA way because I do not have a great amount of patience to wait calmly and helplessly for the latest update to knock my doors. I prefer to grab the very first firmware that rolls out for my Samsung device model and install it manually. Since OTA updates are made available in phases, you might have to wait for it to arrive your country or region. The sad part of the story is that sometimes the wait never comes to an end and you might be forced to remain with the older software on your device when it is already available for other countries. This might be a sound reason for you to install the update manually. Another reason why you might prefer to choose the manual ways is because you have either rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4 or have installed a custom ROM on it. In any of these cases, you might not be able to get the OTA till you unroot your phone. If you do not know how to unroot your rooted Galaxy S4, read the following tutorial If you ever wish to root your Galaxy S4 after updating the firmware, do not forget to refer to our easy and step by step rooting  tutorials. Now, there are 4 ways you can install an updated version of firmware on your Galaxy S4 and well see them all one by one Installing an update. Installing firmware using Odin. Windows PCInstalling the latest firmware using the Mobile Odin app on your Galaxy S4. Downloading Correct Firmware for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is a costly phone and being its owner, you will certainly not even dream of putting your device into danger. Remember, there is a fine line between a successful firmware update and a bricked device. If you are careful and follow the rules obediently, there are no chances that any damage will be done to your phone. At the center of most unsuccessful tales of phone bricking lies the simple but surprising  fact that some people do not even match the phone model and the firmware they are going to install Take care of the following things while choosing a firmware for your device. There are 2 types of firmwares Branded and Unbranded. If you have bought your Galaxy S4 via a network carrieroperator and are unable to use any SIM other than that of your network provider, you have a branded Galaxy S4. A branded firmware can be recognized easily as youll see the name of the carrier written after its name. Always avoid installing a Branded firmware on an Unbranded phone. The most accurate way of choosing the right official firmware for your Galaxy S4 is by taking note of CSC code. The easiest way of finding out the CSC code of your phone is by connecting it to Kies. All firmwares have the device model name at the beginning. You should make sure that it matches with your phones model name. You can find it from Settings More About. Another way of finding out the appropriate firmware for your Galaxy S4 is matching the CountryRegion code that is found in the CSC part of a firmware name after the device model name. Here is an example I9. XXUAMDKI9. 50. 0ODDAMDKINU. Here is a list of countryregion codes for Samsung Galaxy devices firmwares  Code         Country. AW     Hungary. AZ      France. BD     Cyprus, Greece. BY     Greece. CB     Poland. CE     Benelux. CP     Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. DB    Vietnam. DC    Thailand. DD    India, Bangladesh, Nepal. DT    Australia. DX    Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam. DZ     Malaysia, Singapore. JA     South Africa. JC     Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia. JP     Arabic. JR     Arabic. JV     Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey. JW    West Africa. Tyros 3 Styles Yamaha. JX     Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey. KA     Turkey. ME    France. MK    Serbia. MS     France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UKMT     Switzerland. MY    Italy. NH     Latvia. PO     France. PU     Russia. UB     Brazil. XA     Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom. XB     Denmark, Norway, Sweden. XC     Portugal, Spain. XD    Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia. XE     Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine. XF     Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania. XP     UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Portuguese, Turkey. XX     Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom. Sandboxie Version Changes. Version 5. 2. 2. Released on 3. October 2. 01. 7. Windows 1. 0 Creators Fall Update is now supported. Made improvements to Force. Folder including adding support for Open With dialogs, and running registry files. AddedUpdated templates for AVG, Bit. Number Plate Switzerland Font. Defender, Babylon and Opera. Implemented code fixes to address SBIE2. Windows Defender App Browser Control in Windows 8. If you are using the Windows Smart. Screen Template from Beta 5. Sandboxie 5. 2. 2. Implemented a driver fix for a BSOD occurring when Webroot is installed and a new Sandbox is created while a Force. Process is started. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 2. 0. Released on 0. June 2. 01. 7. Fixed several Chrome crashes in Win 1. Fixed auto recovery dialog failure to popup in Win 1. CU. Firefox H2. 64 video decoder now works. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 1. 8. Released on 1. April 2. 01. 7. Windows Creators Update is now supported. Firefox multi process Electrolysis is now supported in Win 7 and later. Fixed problem with clicking Office hyperlinks failing to start forced IE. TLS error when loading google sites in IE has been fixed. Fixed crash when starting IE while using Microsoft User Experience Virtualization UEV. Added support for Opera Neon. Fixed template for Roboform. Fixed Chrome 5. 6 lingering child process. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 1. 6. Released on 1. December 2. 01. 6. Fixed Windows 1. 0 build 1. SBIE2. 20. 5 Service not implemented Set. Window. Long. 8. Fixed Windows 1. SBIE1. 22. 2 Error with security token C0. BB 3. 5. Fixed Windows 1. SBIE1. 22. 2 Error with security token C0. Fixed incompatibility with latest Nvidia drivers Direct. X. guard. 64. dll added to templates. Comodo. In Win 8. UAC was always checked and grayed in Run Any Program start. Added Open. Win. ClassSWFlashPlace. Holder. X to fix Flash failure to start on some videos. Sbie. Ctrl now gets Sandboxie updates via https. Fixed BSOD that can occur if your license has expired and you are using MS Office Click. To. Run. Added Always on Top option to Sbie. Ctrl View menu. This will keep the Sbie. Ctrl window as the top most window. Fixed elevated installer failure introduced in 5. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 1. 4. Released on 2. September 2. 01. 6. Added new Sbie setting Block. Network. Files. It is available under Sandboxie Settings Restrictions. When Block. Network. Filesy, sandboxed applications are blocked from reading network files or folders. Individual filesfolders can be opened for readingwriting using the normal Resource Access settings. This option is enabled by default for new sandboxes. Fixed hang when starting MS Office applications. Eliminated error SBIE2. Cancelling process xxxx. Proxy Auto Config PAC files were not functioning in Win 1. Anniversary. Vivaldi is now supported. Fixed the Microsoft Account Sign in Assistant issues hotmail. Fixed clipboard copypaste failure from sandbox to host. Fixed Actual Window Manager. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 1. 2. Released on 1. June 2. 01. 6. Microsoft Office 2. Click. To. Run is now supported for paid users. Chrome 5. 2 is now supported. Sandboxed applications are no longer allowed to change the system power configuration. Environment variable USERNAME now shows proper username instead of SYSTEM in sandboxed applications. Added q. Wave driver Google Hangouts, and other websites to templates. Applications Miscellaneous. The new, faster loader code developed for Windows 1. Win 8. 0 8. Fixed 2 Excel clipboard related crashes. Fixed Win 1. 0 FR 1. WOW6. 4 applications crashing. Fixed Win 1. 0 FR 1. BSOD. Fixed Win 1. FR 1. 43. 16 SBIE1. Cannot find Nt system service, reason MASTER TABLE. Fixed Win 1. 0 FR 1. Chrome FF. Fixed Win 1. FR Build 1. 42. 79 SBIE1. Cannot find Nt system service, reason MASTER TABLE. Fixed rare printing crash in Chrome 3. Win 1. 0 6. 4. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 1. 0. Released on 1 March 2. Sandboxie binaries are now dual signed SHA1 SHA2. IE 1. 1 and Windows 1. Fixed Win 1. 0 FR Build 1. SBIE1. 11. 3 Cannot find Nt system service, reason MASTER TABLE. Fixed Win 1. 0 FR Build 1. SBIE1. 11. 3 Cannot find Nt system service, reason MASTER TABLE. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 0. 8. Released on 1. February 2. 01. 6. Improvements to application startup. Applications start faster and Windows 1. A problem with splwow. Win 8. 1 6. 4 bit has been fixed. If a user printed from inside the sandbox using a 3. Office 2. 01. 3 in Windows 1. Sandboxie again. F1. Developer Tools now works in IE 1. In rare instances, Sandboxie. Rpc. Ss. exe or Sandboxie. Dcom. Launch. exe would not end when all other applications had exited. A file named c program. Sandboxie. Rpc. Ss. Windows 1. 0 fast ring build 1. Is. Hung. App. Window hook issue. Fixed rare Chrome 6. SBIE2. 30. 3 Could not hook Verify. Catalog. File 8. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 0. 6. Released on 2. October 2. 01. 5. SBIE1. 22. 2 Error with security token C0. KB3. 08. 81. 95 Win 1. KB3. 09. 76. 17 distributed on 1. This also fixes BSOD when using Flash in Firefox. Fixed several problems that could cause Chrome to crash in Windows 1. Added logins. json for Firefox and derivatives to templates. Firefox passwords storage outside the sandbox. Back by popular demand, the print spooler spoolsv. Userslt username App. DataLocalTemp. Fixed problem that sometimes caused IE 1. Sandboxie such as AV. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 5. 0. 4. Released on 2. September 2. 01. 5. Windows 1. 0 support up to build 1. NOTE Metro applications are not supported at this time. This includes the MS Edge browser. If you tell Sandboxie to start your default browser, and the default browser is Edge, Sandboxie will start IE instead. Win 1. 0 KB3. 08. Win 8. 1 KB3. 08. Explorer, Skype, Quicktime, and possibly other apps has been fixed. The print spooler spoolsv. Userslt username App. DataLocalTemp. A bug where some users in Win 8. Delete. Volume. Mount. Point security vulnerability has been blocked. Adobe snapshot copypaste now supported. Code was updated to use newer Microsoft SDKDDK. Fixed several issues with Sandboxie. Rpc. Ss. exe that could lead to a crash or failure to start. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 4. 2. 0. Released on 2. June 2. 01. 5. Fixed SBIE2. Service not implemented Close. Clipboard C0. 00. Windows update KB3. Nt. Get. Next. Process can be used to alter processes outside the sandbox and will now be blocked. A DDE change in 4. Excel running as a forced program. Clipboard formats that were restricted in 4. MS Office applications are again able to print to file inside the sandbox without errors. Go to top, Download Sandboxie. Version 4. 1. 8. Released on 2. May 2. 01. 5. A security hole with the Windows print spooler has been plugged. An application could use the print spooler to write an arbitrary file outside the sandbox. If Sandboxie detects that the print spooler is attempting to write a file outside the sandbox at the request of a sandboxed application, it will issue SBIE1. Blocked spooler print to file. NOTE Some printer drivers write temporary files to their own work area, even when not printing to file. In these cases, you will get SBIE1. The print may still print successfully. In this situation, you can safely ignore SBIE1. There are 3 ways to allow the print spooler to print to file. If you trust the process that is printing, you can double click the SBIE1.