How To Unlock Security Code On Nokia

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How To Reset Nokia Security Code. UPDATE For newer Nokia phones, please use NSS pro to reset security code. Click here to read more how to reset security code with NSS pro. Forgot your Nokia handset security code Or you dont even have any idea what is your security code of second hand handphone because the previous owner has changed the code. For Nokia BB5 phone, you can regain the security code back by following this guide. Html5 Builder Xe3 Update 1. If youve forgot your 5digit Security code of your Nokia mobile phone, use acquired 10digit Security Mastercode instead. For all Nokia DCT3 and DCT4 models. Edit Article wiki How to Unlock Your Nokia Cell Phone. Two Methods Unlocking With an Unlock Code Unlocking With Software Community QA. When you purchase a new phone. Free mobile phone unlocking and unlock codes. Remote unlock your Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Alcatel or LG with an unlock code online. Gta San Andreas Vehicle Mods Install. Remove. Nokia Master Code Security Master Code Calculator for Nokia Mobile Phones. Unlockfree. com Nokia DCT 234 free unlocking service provides free unlock codes for supported Nokia DCT mobile phones. Or, you can just reset your Nokia security code to default code, 1. The guide below will shows you how to reset the security code. Tools you will need Reset Security Code. Steps Install Nokia PC Suite. Install Nemesis Service Suite NSSConnect your phone to your PC with data cable. If the phone ask for connection mode, choose default mode or PC Suite mode But dont open Nokia PC SuiteOpen Nemesis Service suite NSSClick scan for new devices button on top right corner of NSSClick Phone Info button. QAgRLAY/VYT_42DaY-I/AAAAAAAADv0/UT3XHvMyZmM/s1600/HOW%2BTO%2BUNLOCK%2BNOKIA%2BASHA%2B311.jpg' alt='How To Unlock Security Code On Nokia' title='How To Unlock Security Code On Nokia' />How To Unlock Security Code On NokiaClick Scan button. Under Power Mode, click Local and then click Change button. At this part, your phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phone screen. TSViw0SME/hqdefault.jpg' alt='How To Unlock Security Code On Nokia' title='How To Unlock Security Code On Nokia' />Under Production Data Edit, click Read button. The textboxes should now contain values. Check the Enable check box beside Product Code. Click Write button. Select Tools button on top. Army Men 2 Pc Game Download on this page. Click Factory Settings tab. Tick Full Factory button and click Reset button. Final step, go back to Phone Info and click Normal then Change. Now your security code is 1. Note If this guide doesnt work accordingly, you have to do some experimentation with the steps order. Check out how Arvid had successfully reset the security code of his Nokia N8.