Sarpy County Diversion Program

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County Court Sarpy County. Sarpy County Court is the trial court with specified limited jurisdiction. All small claims, probate, guardianship, conservatorship, adoption, and municipal ordinance violation cases are filed in the county courts. Sarpy County court conducts preliminary hearings in felony criminal cases. The county courts have concurrent jurisdiction with the district courts in some divorce cases and other civil cases involving 5. They also have concurrent jurisdiction with the district court in misdemeanor criminal and traffic infraction cases, but nearly all of those cases are prosecuted in the county courts. Vk Music Er Chrome. Preliminary hearings in county court are used to determine whether there is enough evidence to establish probable cause in a felony criminal case. If it appears the crime charged has been committed and there is probable cause to believe that the person charged with committing the crime is responsible, the defendant will be bound over to stand trial in district court. MichelleAndahl_headshot_headandshouldersprintres.jpg' alt='Sarpy County Diversion Program Nebraska' title='Sarpy County Diversion Program Nebraska' />The O factor How we stand out THE GREATER OMAHA CHAMBERS mission is to increase business, investment and employment in Greater Omaha. But our commitment stretches. Retiring judge says his own battles motivated him to start a drug court. Judge William Zastera retires from the Sarpy County Courthouse. Sarpy County is located just south of the City of Omaha and is home of Bellevue, Gretna, La Vista, Papillion, and Springfield. Sarpy County is the smallest county in. Lifting the Veil The best ever investigative history of of whats really going on behind the scenes in our world with over 500 links to reliable sources to back up. Sanctuary Policies Across America. REPORT BY FAIRS STATE AND LOCAL DEPARTMENT JANUARY 2017. DOWNLOAD THE PDF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Cooperation between federal. Sarpy County Diversion Program' title='Sarpy County Diversion Program' />Sarpy County Diversion ProgramSarpy County Diversion ProgramSarpy County Diversion ProgramOmaha DUI Attorneys Explain 5 Things NOT to Do During a Traffic Stop November 8, 2017 Sarpy County DUI Lawyer What You Dont Know about a DUI Conviction Can.