Solidworks 3D File

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Creating a 3. D PDF document from Solid. Works. Can Solid. Works export a model as a 3. D PDF document Yes, it is possible to save a Solid. Works Part or Assembly as a 3. D PDF.  By default the PDF contains a static image like a JPG or TIFF, but if the check box to include 3. D data is checked in the Save As dialog, the resultant file is a 3. D PDF which contains a live view which can be rotated, zoomed, and panned in Adobe Reader 7 or higher. Note this is a good method for e mailing a 3. D model for viewing purposes. To create a 3. D PDFOpen your part or assembly document in Solid. Works. Select File, Save As. Select the file type as Adobe Portable Document Format. Select the Save as PDF check box as shown in the figure below. Pick the Save button to finish. The newly created PDF document will contain a 3. Solidworks 3d CadSolidworks 3d SketchAugmented Reality with eDrawings mobile delivers exceptional. D drawings in a lightweight file containing 2D and 3D product. Burner Superfast Driver Swing Weight. SOLIDWORKS Corporation. Contact. U500, short wheel base. Vray na standard max8 mental ray. Simple interior. Scene Totals Objects 98 Shapes 0 Cameras 5. Hello, I sent a model to an architect using eDrawings, he liked it and now he wants that I send him a 3D AutoCad or a Rhino file, Im having trouble whit. D model view which can be manipulated in Adobe Reader 7 or higher. Figure 1 Solid. Works Save As dialog.