Synonyms And Antonyms Books

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Synonyms And Antonyms Books' title='Synonyms And Antonyms Books' />Printable worksheets for teaching synonyms words that have similar meanings and antonyms words that have opposite meanings. Most of the worksheets on this page. Synonyms for hobby at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Team game in which children find synonyms and antonyms of words. Also encourages use of a thesaurus. Synonyms for books at Thesaurus. Scilab Read Serial Scanner. Serial Number Hand 9 Tutorial. Dictionary and Word of the Day. NEniZmtbik5h5_JX4KhEEvabL5aDkQ1Z45IiHJYqu8IS7J-1xHzLE8lN8NtSi64y=h900' alt='Synonyms And Antonyms Books' title='Synonyms And Antonyms Books' />Teach or review synonyms and antonyms with Flocabularys educational rap song and lesson plan. Synonyms And Antonyms Teaching Ideas. Age Range 7 1. Synonyms are words which have the same, or nearly the same meaning,e. Antonyms are words which mean the opposite of each other,e. The following activity develops the childrens understanding of the meanings of the above two terms, while increasing their range of vocabulary. Begin by explaining the two terms, giving examples to illustrate the point. Have a list of words which have lots of synonyms antonyms. Some are listed here strongbighappyshortsoftfasteasyfatnicenewgoodquietbrightwarm. Split the class into an even number of groups. Label half of the groups Synonym and half of the groups Antonym. Army Men 2 Pc Game Download. Say one of the words on your word list. Each group then has to think of as many synonyms and antonyms for that word as possible depending on the groups label given earlier. The children can have a fixed time limit to do this, or can continue until they run out of words. Now count up the number of words each group has produced and award points to the group with the longest list. Repeat using different words. You could also swap the groups, so the Synonyms groups now find antonyms and vice versa. This would also be a useful exercise in using a thesaurus, so if there were enough for one per group, the children could use these to add to their own lists.