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SofgKPa.jpg' alt='Angels And Demons Txt' title='Angels And Demons Txt' />Fantasy art of mythological characters designs throughout history. Mythology from Greek Gods, Angels, Demons, Egyptian Norse Gods to Pirates Mermaid Art Torrentz domain names are for sale. Send an offer to contactinventoris. Author profiles Ole Joes Guidea. A Week In The Life Of Will Mc. Bride Days 1 5 1. Days Six Seven 8. Angels Adventures 1 6. Blood In The Snow Of Raven Rock 2. Horizons Bespoken 4. Hospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter 1. Letter To A Friend About My Blood Fetishes 1. Playing Spin The Bottle With Mom, Part 1 1. Profiles, reviews, and several thousand story links for about 600 notable authors of erotic fiction, c. Saturday Morning At George Joans. Sharons Story 3. Sisters Blood Sacrifice 5. The Bodyworker 2. Umstead Encounter 2. Vanessa and Rachel 2. FM sometimes other bdsm stories. Recidivist 7k. Selfishness 1. Banner Year 1. 3k. For Kenny 1. 3k. Landmarks 1. National Anthem 8k. Occupation 1. 1k. Reconstruction 6k. Welded Lust 3k flash festYou Wanted Excitement 9kaaron angst. As Luck Would Have It. File Name File Size Date Parent directoryBlackwind04Sep2004 2309 CodyAnnMichaels04Sep2004 2309 CurtStrap04Sep2004 2212. The Chanceaceinthe holesince 2. Story Ace has a facination for. Angels And Demons Txt' title='Angels And Demons Txt' />He makes stories of extra marital sex, as. He states I write them to get. A Letter From Bombay 1. Black Susan 3. 2k. Billy. G CEL 3. Breakfast At Sues 8k. Confession Of Mrs. Lee 8k. Confessions Of A 1. Year Old Nymphomaniac 2. Angels And Demons Txt' title='Angels And Demons Txt' />Confidential 2. Dinner At Sues 2. Edna And The Old Chinaman 2. Emma Lou Steps Out 4. Experiments In Bondage The Making Of A Pervert 2. Filipino Maid And The 1. Yo 2. 1k. I Share My Woman With My Brother 5. In 1. 97. 7 I Was 1. In The Hold Of Swingers 2. Is Windsurfing Better Than Sex John Was 1. Looking Like Claudia Schiffer 6. Mother or daughter, Lucy or Sue My Affair With My Daughters White Boyfriend 2. My Jungle Girl assm 2. My Little Indian Girl 1. My Stewardess Wife 2. My Travails With Anna And Bernadette 1 2. My Young Black Hero 2. Privathi, My love 6. Saving Jessica 4. Screwed 4. 2k CEL 3. Screwed Again 6. Screwed In Japan 7. She Wanted A Baby 2. Strict Chinese Landlady 2. Serial Number Hand 9 Tutorial. Summer Break 7k. The Elevator 2. The Handy Man And The Balarina 1. The Hungarian Girl 4. The Motorbike Girl 2. The Mover 2. 3k. The Trouble With Evelyn 4. The Trouble With Swapping. Ugly a Monsters Story 3. Across the Street. A Little Father Daughter Story. Peeping at Tom. A Test of Patience. Angels And Demons Txt' title='Angels And Demons Txt' />The Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation Heretical doctrines and ideas that have fused together to form the teachings of the movement by Sandy Simpson, 1002. Willow Street Sevenadrian hunterhas been called the Dulcinea of the bondage community. That was by Lady Cyrrh, if anybody is taking notes. If you dont know Dulcinea, jump right below and find out about her. Adrian Hunter has been a long time contributor to the newsgroups, and he is still posting to ASSM, e. Association in 2. His stories are available at his website, as it is quickly becoming the norm, it seems. Go to www. adrianhunter. Chelsea Shepard. Association Franz. Kafka favourite Claustrophobia CEL 2. Clockwork CEL 2. Dismaid 1. Distemporarily CRIM 9 1. His Favorite Holiday rating Annex Reviews 1. Induction of Isabel 9. The Jennifer Series 3. Liquidity rating Annex Reviews 53. Melrose Place Series 4. Out of Commission. Silent Knight 3k. Temporarily CEL 2. The Bowsprit 2k Pirate. The Rubbermaid Chronicles 7. Upon ReturningakashaD S. A Femdom Reflection On Strap On Play. Chasing Decadence. Rebuilding An Artist. Samanthas Drive. So You Want To Be My Sissy The Cruel Shoes. The Undeniable Danger Of Yes. Training The Professor. The Palace A rating Annex Review 1. Lady Cyrrh said This was one of the most female oriented BDSM stories Ive read so far, and I enjoyed it immensely, with a big grin on my face. Using His Mouthal steinerwon an Golden Clit Author of the Year 2. Aftermath 2. 50. KB 4. When Comet Fenwell crashes into the Pacific Ocean one October day, it spells the end for most of humanity. Those that survive find themselves in a greatly changed world filled with different morals and the same old urges. A Random Act of Violence 3. A Strange Encounter 2. RP. An April Night ssm 2. Aunt Jessica 4. 0k. Becky ssm 1. 99. RP. Beyond New Years Day 3. RP. Blood Pressure Check 2. RP. By the Dawns Early Light 3. Destiny 3. 7k RP. Doing It All Over 1. CEL 3. 40 9. 5 1. Flirting with Death 3. Cel 3. 59, RP. Gods Great Plan 3. RP. CEL 3. 20 7 7 7, Annex 359. A. Going to Disneyland 8. K CEL 3. 59 1. 0 1. ASSM. part 3 posted to ASS only, complete. Going to the Shrink 3. RP. Hypocrisy 4. I Remember Pearl Harbor 6. It Happened One Night 4. RP. Lauras Story 3. CEL 3. 51 1. 0 9. Light Duty 5. 7k 4. Lizzie. CEL 3. 34 1. Nervepath 7. 8k. New Years Eve 3. Night Flight 3. 2k RP. Pretend 4. 9k CEL 3. RP. Random Act of Violence 3. Rough Revenge 1 5. Stacey 7. 1k 4. Strange Encounter 2. The Blood Pressure Check 2. The End of the Dryspell 1. The Garden 1. 8k. The Missing Mail 1. The Mommies 3. 0k Billy. G CEL 3. 26 1. The Shaver 4. The Shaver II 3. The Teaser 4. CEL 3. Theresa the Elder 3. Nick CEL 3. 29 1. We Saw Fireworks 5. Zero G CEL 3. 25 9 1. His only contribution to ASSwas the sadly unfinished Watching Trilogy, a beautifully told, romantic story of two teenagers who fall in love with each other and face the world to fulfill their love. Its quite a poignant, tenderly sweet and extremely sensuous tale one that arouses you, brings you to the brink of tears, makes you smile, laugh, hate. I hope that someday Alan will finish it. Rui Jorge. See Alans homepage The Watching Trilogy Apuleiuss CollectionGolden Clitorides Award 2. Classical Clit for The Watching Trilogy. Watching 1. 10 1. Cel 1. 37. Watching 2. Cel 1. 52. 3. 1 on Celestes Top 1. My Neighbors Sex Slave, My Wifealessia geriniis a member of the Sapphic Erotic Writers Guild. She started writing erotica in mid 2. Her stories contain especially FF or FFFF, rom, exhib, 1st time ff, Ds, Fem. Dom. F, bdsm. Beach Encounter was an entry for the Sapphic Erotic Festival on September 7th, 2. A Dreamy Night 1. Beach Encounter. Fantasy Fulfilment 1 1. Loving April In Summer 3. Stare Date 1 8. 6k. The Ashes Sams Revenge 3. Debt Without Honor 1 3. Jake No More. Playing For Keeps. CRIM 1. 5 9,1. Sex Monsters From Eartheaster. CRIM 2. 6 1. 0,8,1. Suite Swell of Successnaive nympho challengealexis siefertis a writer from Alaska. Most of her stories are rom. An Openly Transgressed Custom. Betsys Finest Hour CRIM 1 9,1. A rating Annex Reviews 72. Betsy After The Fact CRIM 2 1. Better Than Chamomile. Color of Passion. Curtain Drawn 3. CRIM 1. Dance With Me 3k RP. CRIM 2. 3 1. 0,1. Dinner and Dessert 3k CRIM 2. Flashing For Fun and Combat. Forward and Backward in White with Buckles 3k. CRIM 2. 5 1. 0,1. Golden Ages 7k RP. Hell Hath No Fury. I Taught Her That 3. In Good Taste 1k flash festLives Alone of Stone 2. CRIM 2. 5 1. 0,1. Resist Not Evil. The Fishermans Wife. The Salmon Widow. The Two Grand Orgasm 2. The View From Inside CRIM 8 1. White Stucco Walls 3. ALLENE2. 13. 35 is known as a writer of spanking. Most of them can by found on the. I dont. know exactly how many stories she wrote, but at. Mr. Doubles site are some more. Obviously Allene in. In her own words. If youre into spanking including explicite sex than Allene is a must. A Visit to John 1. K. Allene As a Pony Girl 1. K. Allenes New Job 5. K. Allenes Spanking 1. K. Allene Gets EvenK. Birthday Surprise 1. K. Bitch Mother 5. K. Black Experience 5. K. Caned by Sir Richard. Horse Punishment 8. K. Indian Whipping 1. K. Kings and Queens 2. K. Marcies Birthday 1. K. My Brothers Slave 6. K. My Mean Boss 1. K. Slaves Revenge 6. K. Slut Reform 9. K. Sons Get Even 9. K. Spring Break 5. K. The Bush Law 9. K. The Compleat Serial Killer 1. K. The Gymnast 4. K. The In Laws 1. K. The Kidnapped 5. K. The Stepchild 8. K. Visit from Marge and George 3.