Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop

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How to set up a mail server on a GNU Linux system. Step by step guide to install Postfix. Ubuntu Postfix CourierDovecot IMAP My. SQL. Amavisd new Spam. Assassin Clam. AV. SASL TLS Roundcube Postgrey. Easy to follow howto on setting up a mail server. IMAP access, anti spam, anti virus. Based on an Ubuntu distribution platform. Previously we discussed how to install SABnzbd Usenet client on Ubuntu 16. This tutorial is going to show you how to set up your own nZEDb Usenet indexer on. SecurityStudy. Examples are run on Amazon AWS ec. Respect CC by sa. Last Update 2. 01. Contents. Editions. Edition. State. Started. VQtlTY/U7ZZWdZhHWI/AAAAAAAABaM/1PnamzL6xXc/s1600/Screenshot+from+2014-07-04+14:31:38.png' alt='Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' title='Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' />How to set up a mail server on a GNU Linux system Step by step guide to install Postfix Ubuntu Postfix CourierDovecot IMAP MySQL Amavisdnew SpamAssassin. Can someone explain the true landscape of Rails vs PHP deployment, particularly within the context of Resellerbased web hosting e. Hostgator Detailed instructions to create a LAMP server using Debian 9 Stretch RC3. Prepare your server for php7 and MariaDB. Learn how to migrate a PHP 5 application to PHP 7 Setup and development environment. Updated. Description. Released outdated2. Based on Mandrake 9. Released outdated2. Based on Mandrake 1. Very thorough with advanced server sections. Released outdated2. Based on Ubuntu 5. Hoary Hedgehog. Now includes SASL TLS integration. Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' title='Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' />Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu DesktopReleased outdated2. Based on Breezy Badger, Ubuntu 5. Includes Postgrey. Released outdated. Based on Ubuntu 6. LTS, Dapper Drake. Was to be based on Edgy Eft, Ubuntu 6. Domain Key signing. Released outdated. Updated, based on Ubuntu 8. Mcryptphpphpmcryptmcrypt. Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' title='Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu Desktop' />Install Php Mcrypt Extension On Ubuntu DesktopLTS Hardy Heron. Using Amazon EC2 as example. Tested with 8. 1. Released outdated. Based on Ubuntu 8. Using official Ubuntu ec. Released outdated. Based on Ubuntu 9. Canonicals cloud images. Added Roundcube webmail option. Released outdated. Based on Ubuntu 1. LTS lucid using Canonicals cloud images. Tested on 1. 0. 1. Tested on 1. 1. 0. Based on Ubuntu 1. LTS precise. Tested with 1. Based on Ubuntu 1. LTS trusty. 2. 01. Based on Ubuntu 1. LTS trusty. Added Dovecot. Based on Ubuntu 1. LTS xenial. Further details available in the change log and below in the introduction. Introduction. Aim. This is a step by step howto guide to set. GNU Linux system. It is easy to follow, but you. The server accepts unlimited domains and users. It is secure, traffic can encrypted. Dont take my word for it Research others opinions and methods. Look at my references. Postfix. orgs howtos. E. g. Kyles or Hildebrandts. If you refer to this howto in your own document. If you found this howto very useful, spread the word and help others If this howto was exceptionally useful why not donate me some beer moneyOr buy a postfix book using my Amazon affiliate links further down Or buy a t shirt from my t shirt shop Otherwise send me a Thank You note Bitcoin BTC 1. NUbs. Hd. 25oe. ZSUhwa. Wimbledon 2012 Pc Game on this page. Pd. CQj. 9c. BHVwxhhhn. Ethereum ETH 0x. B7. A7. AA3. C8. E7b. F1. 84c. F1. 3Eb. E0cd. 4BC0. B2a. 0. Software. What software packages havewill I use and why. OS Ubuntu Linux. Ah the age old distro argument. Thankfully this set up should work on most distros. I used to base this howto on Mandrakenow Mandriva. I started this new edition on a Gentoo box. But I dont have the patience for Gentoo. Mandriva Power editions. Why Ubuntu Its free, simple and slick. As Ubuntu is derived from debian the installations. Please refer to my other editions for details on RPM. MTA Postfix. Simple, free and slick. Yup I am a sucker for anything that works easily. Postfix is powerful, well established. PopIMAP Courier IMAP or Dovecot. My first mail server installation was with Courier. I have not found a reason to change this as again. A popular alternative, is Dovecot. Database My. SQL. Although I use Firebird for my application development. HibernateC JDBC hybrids. My. SQL is well supported for the sort of lookups required. Content Check Amavisd new. Easy plug in solution for spam, virus checking etc. Anti Spam Spam. Assassin. Powerful renowned spam fighting tool. Anti Virus Clam. AV. Free virus scanner that can be trusted and includes update daemon. Authentication Cyrus SASL. Secure and trusted cryptography technology. SMTP traffic. Postgrey is an excellent little script to stop 9. All it does is on first contact for specific from to combinations. When proper servers try again after a few minutes it lets it through. Encryption TLS. Secure and trusted cryptography technology. SMTP traffic. Not too be confused with client encryption technology. Gnu. PG and SMIME. They are covered in the. Formerly referenced as SSL. Web. Mail Squirrel. Mail or Roundcube. Easy to set up php based web mail client. Extensive plugin selection. Ajaxified prettier web mail client. Not quite as solid as Squirrel. Mail. Platform Amazon ec. This guide can be installed locally, co located or in the cloud. My preference is ec. I provide ec. 2 based examples. Please see software links appendix for further information. In that section there is more links to. Further software and tweaks are discussed in the. Also review other peoples opinion on these packages via my references. Installation. Distribution. This section is different for every distribution and for every version. This howto is based on Ubuntu and its base of debian which uses apt get. Therefore this section uses apt packages to its fullest. For other installation method please refer to previous editions. My 2nd editionoutdated has instructions. Mandriva, general RPM and tarball compiling. To follow the rest of this howto with another distribution. E. g My. SQL lookup on postfix and sasl, php in apache etc. I have set up mail servers using the 3. E. g. Mac platforms should work too. With installing Ubuntu you have a choice of which base system to install. You may choose server or desktop image or very basic setups. I will assume a server install, but it should not differ. If you have chosen an ec. I strongly suggest choosing the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, not the versions in between. Once this is set up you will tinker very little with it, and it will quickly be annoying to upgrade distributions once a year. Ps. Please note that after a while Ill stop specifying the use of sudo. My advice is to use sudo. For assistance with repositories, refer to this article on ubuntus wiki. I would recommend find a repository archive close to your servers location. For example a country specific one or if hosted on AWS EC2 an archive in your AWS region. Remember these are highly security sensitive so choose one you trust. You need the main and universe repositories. The multiverse, restricted and partner can be added but are not needed. Do not add backports. Uncomment the lines that have commented out universe. E. g. here are mine for ec. Europe. deb http eu west 1. Note the security repository always have to go to the non mirrored server. As mentioned in the previous edition. You need to install a whole bunch of packages. We will install them bit by bit. But first check your package sources are correctly pointing to main multiverse restricted universe. Ubuntu version. sudo vi etcaptsources. Secondly update your current system. Note aptitude is no longer supplied in the base install of Ubuntu. This is due to some concurrency issues. Some part of this document may still refer to aptitude. You should use the original apt get instead. Additional packages. I also install a few other packages that I personally prefer. But nothing todo with the mail server. Mutt is a very usefull command line mail client that I always install. I usually do that at the end when testing so that it doesnt. Postfix before I am ready. Package status. To find out which packages you may have installed. And to find which are available. Configuration. Simple mail server. Now lets configure a simple mail server using some of. Firewall. Shorewall. Not essential for an EC2 image. It is essential for a normal server. UFW is bundled with recent Ubuntu distributions. I still prefer Shorewall for servers. Installationsudo apt get install shorewall shorewall doc. Amazon provides a firewall access control for its servers. And in all others situations a must have.