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CBtwopistols.jpg' alt='Marx Western Playsets' title='Marx Western Playsets' />Marx Western PlaysetsThis posting has expired. Kenners Star Wars Playsets, Part 1 Cardboard Death Stars and Creature Cantinas. Bernard Loomis, president of Kenner, decided to make the Star Wars action figures 3 tall. That decision caused a revolution in the toy industry, as action figures were usually made 1. The new size meant that the figures could be offered for a reasonable price and that the line could also include spaceships, vehicles, and playsets. Marx Western Playsets' title='Marx Western Playsets' />Playsets have always been an important part of the toy industry, from those in the Louis Marx Toy line to the Mego sets in the 7. With Star Wars, Kenner produced some of the most memorable playsets ever, rivaling classics like Castle Grayskull from Masters of the Universe and G. I. Joes USS Flagg. I grew up with the Kenner toys, but unfortunately in Belgium there were only a few playsets available we did have all the figures, including Yak Face. To compensate the lack of playsets I decided to build several from scratch, such as Haven Base on Arbra from the Marvel comics, Echo Base, Jabbas Palace, the forest of Endor and even Cloud City. In the 9. 0s I became familiar with all the cool playsets I never saw during my childhood thanks to Steve Sansweets amazing book From Concept to Screen to Collectible, except for the Cardboard Death Star, which I remembered seeing on the back of a Meccano French Stormtrooper I received. The carton deteriorated a long time ago, but I was able to replace my creations with Kenners real playsets, which Ill discuss in part two of this series. Get Cash Today, Buying 1950s To 1980s Toys, SEE List, Just Emai Me n A Reply Will Be Send Same Day, Thanks Get Cash Today Pixs Would Be Great BUYINGi The. Toy Gun, Cowboy Western Toy Cap Guns, Leather Holsters, American made Cowboy toy Gun, USA Toy Gun Caps made, Cap Rifles, Toy Guns, Toy Rifles, Dart Guns, Roll Caps. Welcome to the Playsetaddict Website. Scroll Down for the latest photos Fall 2017. No room to display it so it needs to go. Marx 60mm Roy Rogers lot with a couple of. Marx%20buildings/dearborn%20cabin.jpg' alt='Marx Western Playsets' title='Marx Western Playsets' />Death Star Space Station 1. One of the coolest Kenner playsets was one of the first to be released. The Death Star Space Station was packaged in a rectangular box showing two kids enjoying the wonders of the Imperial technological terror. Kenners vintage boxes are excellent sources if youre interested in the hairstyle and clothing from the 7. This towering Death Star is 2. An elevator goes all the way up, where Ben Kenobi can shut down one of the Tractor Beams. The top floor also has a large, clicking and exploding SB 9. Laser Cannon under its roof. The cannon features a seat for one character, but unfortunately, the Imperial Gunner figure would only be released in 1. Until then, it was up to the Stormtroopers or Death Squad Commanders to take the vacant seat. The third floor resembles one of the many Death Star hallways and has a retractable bridge for allowing Luke and Leia to make another swing across the chasm. The set even comes with a small black plastic cable that Luke can hang on to this item is often missing. The second floor looks like Detention Block AA 2. The compactor is a small orange box with transparent plastic windows. Its filled with colored pieces of foam and it also has an exclusive Dianoga creature. The green Dianoga looks a bit weird compared to latter depictions of the tentacled creature, but you just couldnt get it anywhere else. The trash compactor actually works and you can push one of the walls towards the door. The hatch opens just in time and the heroes have once again been rescued. This playset was so large it was one of the biggest in the Star Wars line that many countries didnt import or produce it. Instead they choose to release a cheaper but fantastic cardboard Death Star. Only Canada released both the Space Station and the Cardboard Death Star. Cantina Adventure Set 1. This cardboard set was sold through Sears in the Christmas catalogs of 1. The set is infamous for including the blue Snaggletooth figure which was soon replaced by the smaller, regular Snaggletooth. It didnt just include the tall Snivvian, but the other cantina aliens as well Walrus Man, Hammerhead, and Greedo. The Cantina Adventure Set is nothing more than a cardboard backdrop and base of Mos Eisley. It comes with several plastic pegs to pose your action figures. The backdrop shows a Sandtrooper, a weird droid, an alien resembling Garindan, and possibly, the entrance to the Cantina. The Cantina Adventure Set was produced to sell new Cantina figures and while it offers a very cool environment for Tatooine, its not that spectacular. Manual De Teologia Franciscana Descargar there. Today its one of the most difficult playsets to find in unused condition. Land of the Jawas 1. This surely is the Star Wars playset with the most exciting name. The set consists of a plastic base, a cardboard backdrop of the Jawa Sandcrawler, and an exclusive Class 6 Escape Pod, jettisoned by R2 D2 from the Tantive IV. The base features an action spot where you can launch figures, simulating combat or Datcha ambushing Artoo. There are tracks of the Sandcrawler and there is also a small cave that can be used to hide smaller figures, like R2 D2 or the Jawas. The Sandcrawler fits into the base and though it is made from cardboard, it has a crude elevator and some kind of shelf where a couple of figures can be stored. The Escape Pod is unique to this set and has an opening hatch so you can make sure that Threepio regrets his mission time and time again. The base of this playset would later be reused for two other Star Wars playsets. Important to know is that Palitoy UK released its own Land of the Jawas with a few differences. It doesnt feature the Escape Pod, the plastic base has a brighter color, and it is made from a thinner plastic, which is supported by a sturdy cardboard. It also comes with two circular stands and one weird looking action feature, replacing the missing action feature on the plastic base. Though the Palitoy set comes with less accessories, it succeeds in capturing the desolate landscape of Tatooine. Creature Cantina Action Playset 1. This was Kenners second cantina playset, but this time it actually looked like a cantina. The playset consists of a plastic base and a cardboard backdrop. Ebcdic File Viewer on this page. The base has a bar, a table, two action levers, and many pegs for the figures. A figure can pretend to be the bartender and the levers simulate the classic He doesnt like you moment. The playset also has doors that spring open when you press a button. The backdrop shows part of the drink dispenser and several cantina residents. Few actually resemble the clientele from A New Hope. We can see a few aliens resembling Duros, a couple of Jawas, and six members of the Modal Nodes who are beautifully drawn. In 1. 98. 0 this set was also used in Kenners Real West line as the Western Caf playset. Palitoy also released its own version of the cantina in the UK. Basically its the same playset, but it does have several differences. The bar is lower, the action levers are missing, the right side of the playset is a bit different, and it stands a bit taller. A sticker on the bar shows several bar stools and the doors are also different. Just like Palitoys Land of the Jawas, it comes with a strange loose action feature. Droid Factory 1. This playset looked like nothing at all from the movies and it was a combination between a playset and a construction set. For a change, there was no child featured on the main photo art of the box instead, he was seen on the smaller photos on the side. The base consists of a ramp and a large movable crane. The Droid Factory comes with 3. The most important one is Artoo Detoo with three legs. This playset was the only way to get Artoo with his central, smaller leg. A booklet was included with blueprints for building all the Jawa Monster Droids. The Droid Factory is very difficult to find complete in loose condition, because there are many different and small parts, including orange tubes, thin metal rods, and plastic pegs.